SecOps Infantry is the collective title for several groups and units who specialize in 'on-foot' combat warfare on Pandora.[citation needed]

Specialists[citation needed]Edit

Specialist - M60

Heavy gunners, utilizing the M60

  • Commando - Better trained and equipped than regular RDA security forces, commandos are primed for assault missions to forcibly "displace" any well-defended outpost. They are usually armed with the combat shotgun.
  • Heavy Gunner - Heavy gunners provide RDA ground units with rapid-firing long range fire. They are generally equipped with heavy armor, allowing them to lay down withering firepower from an exposed position.
  • Grenadier - Grenade specialists are generally deployed in the rearguard of RDA forces, lobbing high caliber grenades at enemy positions from afar.
  • Recon - RDA recon units specialize in undertaking reconnaissance missions into uncharted territory. Acting in small groups, recon units favor mobility and containment to gather intelligence on enemy positions.
  • Grunts - RDA soldiers are private security officers deployed across Pandora. The grunts represent the vast majority of the units deployed on the moon. In combat they are jack of all trades, master of none. Grunts use a variety of weapons, but lack expertise in heavy weapons or armor.

Elite Units[citation needed]Edit

Elite Unit - Assault Rifle

Elite Unit Infantry

  • Grenadier - The grenadier units of the RDA elites specialize in hard-hitting explosive attacks. They are generally equipped with the highest caliber weapons and the toughest armor.
  • Infantry - The elites are the most dangerous RDA security outfit on Pandora. The assault troops have the best training, the best equipment and are sent to deal with the most dangerous and difficult situations.

Auxillary TroopsEdit

  • AMP Suit Pilots - When not at the controls of the AMP Suit, the AMP Suit pilot is often deployed with light weapons and armor in support roles around RDA bases.
    Chopper Pilot

    Chopper Pilot

  • Chopper Pilots - Pilots are specially trained to handle the atmosphere-only vehicles on Pandora, such as the SA-2 Samson, Scorpion Gunship and Dragon Assault Ship. Though their real strength is behind the stick, pilots can be deplyed in the field as auxiliary support troops.
  • Field Medic - Field Medics specialize in patching up the wounded and getting them back into the fight. They are lightly armed, rear echelon troops.
  • Medic - Generally found inside RDA bases, civilian medics provide on-site medical attention, in portable field shacks and on the main RDA camps. Equipped with standard RDA sidearm for self-defense only.
  • Scientist - Civilian technicians are at home both in RDA camps and in the wilds of Pandora, although rarely do they ever travel beyond the fence line without security escorts. Technicians are capable with standard RDA sidearms.
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