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Skills are special abilities that the player develops in Avatar: The Game. The player can equip up to four skills at a time, and can be changed at any time by returning to the Game menu. After each use a skill has a recharge period and cannot be used until fully rested. There are a total of 15 skills that can be acquired in the game: 7 for the RDA and 8 for the Navi.

RDA SkillsEdit

The following skills can only be obtained by choosing the RDA pathway.

Elite TrainingEdit

Skill Elite Training Elite Training allows the player to run faster in a quick burst. While the skill is active, you will have a chance to dodge incoming attacks.

Chromatic BlendEdit

Skill Chromatic Blend Chromatic Blend allows the player to blend into the environment and effectively sneak past enemies to avoid confrontation.

Ultrasonic RepulsorEdit

Skill Ultrasonic Repulsor Ultrasonic Repulsor sends out an ultrasonic wave that repels creatures and knocks back Na'vi standing within range.

Genetic RegeneratorEdit

Skill Genetic Regenerator Genetic Regenerator restores the player's health during a fight.


Skill Berserk Berserk increases the player's weapon damage and accuracy.

Zeta FieldEdit

Skill Zeta Field Zeta Field increases the player's armor strength and minimizes damage intake.

Tactical StrikeEdit

Skill Tactical Strike To activate the Tactical Strike, the player must first aim at a target. This will call in a powerful air strike on your designated target, inflicting heavy damage in a large radius.

Na'vi SkillsEdit

The following skills can only be obtained by choosing the Na'vi Pathway.

Kinetic DashEdit

Skill Kinetic Dash Kinetic Dash allows the player to run faster. While this skill is active, enemies have a harder time targeting the player.

Pandora's UnionEdit

Skill Pandora's Union Pandora's Union allows the player to blend in with the environment and sneak up on an enemy. While in this stealth, the player's first hit will inflict severe damage.

Titan BashEdit

Skill Titan Bash Titan Bash locks enemies in place, dazing them, and keeps them close to the player while they are using melee weapons.

Eywa's BreathEdit

Skill Eywa's Breath Eywa's Breath restores the player's health during a fight.

Pandora's ProtectionEdit

Skill Pandora's Protection Pandora's Protection increases the player's armor strength and minimizes incoming damage.

The Beast's AegisEdit

Skill The Beast's Aegis The Beast's Aegis calls a creature to the player's side for a short period of time. It will fight for them and divert the enemy's attention. At level 1-3, the player calls a viperwolf; at level 4, the player calls a thanator, which can actually be ridden.

Whirl of FuryEdit

Skill Whirl of Fury Whirl of Fury increases the player's weapon's damage and accuracy.

The Swarm's WrathEdit

Skill The Swarm's Wrath The Swarm's Wrath awakens Pandora's anger and causes destruction in a large radius around the player. This skill may be the most powerful, and therefore, takes the longest to recharge.

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