Small Musical Bow
Item Information
Na'vi Name

Hì’i pamtseo tsko


Under 2 meters

Used by



Accompanies hunting chants and story songs about hunts.


Under 2.5 kilograms

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance


The small musical bow (Na'vi name: hì’i pamtseo tsko) like its larger cousin bears striking similarities in construction to the Terran berimbau of Brazil.


The small musical bow is simple, small and portable. It is created from the actual hunting bow of the Na'vi by temporarily holding a resonating gourd against the string. The string is then struck on either side of the gourd with the tail spike of a stingbat. A different, slightly metallic pitch is produced on either side of the gourd. This size of bow accompanies hunting chants and story songs about hunts. Almost all Na’vi have some experience with this instrument.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

It is made by holding a gourd against a hunting bow, therefore only a temporary construction.


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