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Na'vi - short range fighting

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A staff is created from the humerus bone that extends from the shoulder to the elbow of various creatures. They are large, blunt weapons. Ritualistic staffs are light-weight, but still pack a punch. While staffs are mainly used for defense and hunting, they are also a crucial tool for navigating through the jungle. Several main characters have been seen to use them, including Nok and Jake Sully.

The Tawkami Clan teach their children in the way of the staff from a young age; their weapons are crafted from horn, bone and hide.

Staff Talents (Wii/PSP)Edit

Wii Staff Skills

Wii/PSP Staff Talents

  • Staff Damage - 250
    • Horizontal Dash Attack - 500
    • Staff Damage - 1000
      • Faster Overcome - 1000
      • Staff Heavy Damage - 3000
    • Turret Stun - 1500
    • Augmented Turret Stun - 2000
  • Vertical dash Attack - 500
    • Augmented Stun - 750
    • Faster Overcome - 1500
    • Staff Heavy Damage - 3000
  • Faster Overcome - 750
  • Staff Damage - 1000
  • Augmented Stun - 1500

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