Stone Jar
Stone Jar
Item Information
Na'vi Name

Chan'tu gor'ek nuuto


25 centimeters tall

Used by



Container for arachnoid


Roughly 2 kilograms

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide

Stone jars (Na'vi name: chan'tu gor'ek nuuto) are specifically built containers used in ceremonies; most notably during the rite of passage Uniltaron, or "Dream Hunt". There are several of these jars in Vayaha Village.


The stone jars are used by Na'vi warriors for keeping his or her own captured arachnoid.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

Local stone is carved, then attached to carved stone base using woven materials, twine, and reeds. This jar holds a small, toxic arachnoid. The poison from the scorpion-like insect causes drug-induced hallucinations. The Na'vi believe that the hallucinations are visions that convey the fate of the Na'vi who has been stung. The arachnoid is used in conjunction with a psychoactive alkaloid found in a bioluminescent purple worm.


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