Sturmbeest Gong
Item Information

Usually under a meter

Used by



To accompany social dances


7 - 9 kilograms


Usually orange

Behind the Scenes
The sturmbeest gong is a kllte (earth) instrument. It is a gong created from the armor-like plates of a sturmbeest. Like the shell of the Terran armadillo, the armor of a sturmbeest becomes resonant and almost indestructible when dried. These armor gongs are typically used to accompany social dances about hunting that are a part of all pre-hunt rituals. They are also played during the rituals themselves. Different sizes of sturmbeest armor plates create different pitches. These differently-pitched gongs are played in unison to provide the pulse and rhythms for pre-hunt social dances. Smaller gongs can be carried. During ritual use, the gongs are played in an interlocking fashion, creating a basic melody that accompanies the ritual version of hunting chants.


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