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Sunspray Valley is an area in the center of Grave's Bog. This area sees particularly constant and intense fighting between SecOps forces and Na'vi of the Tipani clan. It is very uneven with the river meandering through it. It is home to vein pods, and there is a willow tree at the north end. It is connected to Cheyada Village in the north east, and the Thicket in the east.

Avatar: The Game Edit

Able Ryder travelled to the area, following the tracking device he had picked up in the Abandoned RDA Camp. He met Jezik there, who ordered him to help kill off a Na'vi force that managed to ambush Jezik's unit. After the area was clear of Na'vi, Ryder retrieved the unobtanium shard from the north end of the area. He then returned to Jezik, who joked that he was some sort of high-tech botanist. Ryder left Sunspray Valley, heading for Cheyada Village.


If the player travels to the area before retrieving the tracking device, the unobtanium shard is not there.

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