Tayrangi clan
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Eastern Sea

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The Tayrangi clan of the Eastern Sea are a coastal Na'vi clan known for their ikran riding prowess, similar to their sister Ikran-flying clan of the north, the Kekunan. They utilize this to fish for aquatic creatures in the Pandoran ocean, diving in a fashion similar to the Terran cormorant fish, then flying back out. They have a deep knowledge of the air and sea, including underwater migratory and feeding patterns. Because of this activity, the Tayrangi have strong swimming skills and have a reverence for the larger aquatic predators they come across.

The members of Tayrangi clan are independent spirits, untethered to convention and unburdened by even the strictest of Na'vi clan rules. A Pandoran Research Administration personality quiz highlights their notable traits as being unconventional, eclectic, adaptable, and progressive.

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