The Bullpen
The Bullpen
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The Bullpen is a large area in the south central FEBA, in the swamp simply known as the Muck. It was home to one of the unobtanium shards that was needed to locate the Well of Souls. Much like the surrounding areas, it is a boggy area with sparse grass surrounded by trees.

Avatar: The GameEdit

Able Ryder passed through the area on his mission to search for unobtanium shards. There was one in the Bullpen, which was being guarded by a hammerhead titanothere. The hammerhead managed to disable an AMP Suit and scatter a patrolling SecOps squad, but Ryder managed to single-handedly slay the hammerhead. After killing the hammerhead, Ryder obtained the unobtanium shard it had been guarding.

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