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The Drop is an area which serves as both a landing point and the main RDA base of operations in the Hanging Gardens. It is in the center-east of the region. Heavily guarded by SecOps, the area holds a GMI unit, and a solar container, as well as a fully functional AMP Suit. There is also a damaged AMP Suit, which is occasionally glanced at and surveyed by passing SecOps infantry. Finally, there is a pressurised tent, which contains a few beds. A long slope leads down into Frontline. A path in the southwest leads into Little Dip, at the top of the gorge. There are two small pathways in the north east that lead into the Hanging Garden.

Avatar: The Game Edit

Able Ryder landed in the area on his mission to kill Dr. Harper and retrieve more unobtanium shards. But upon arriving, the Drop was immediately attacked by a large group of Na'vi. Fortunately Ryder and the defending SecOps troops managed to kill all the na'vi attackers and keep the Drop secure.

Ryder was then sent by Winslow to retrieve some explosives from Ghost Town, and then used these to destroy two rock walls which were blocking the paths to the north. The moment they were destroyed, the landing area was attacked by a large group of viperwolves whose nests had been disturbed. Ryder managed to stop the seemingly endless viperwolf attacks by destroying all four nests using more explosives. After clearing the Drop of remaining viperwolves, he was then sent east to retrieve a generator to power an old radar station. Upon returning, Winslow ordered him to go and investigate two nearby link shacks, and to kill any avatars he encountered.

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