"The Sounds of Pandora"
voiced by Paul Frommer


February 5, 2015 - present


Soundcloud Channel

The Sounds of Pandora is an official Soundcloud channel run by linguist and inventor of the Na'vi language, Paul Frommer. Starting in February 2015, the channel features regular uploads of spoken Na'vi, covering a wide range of vocabulary. The words are always accompanied by artwork to illustrate the term, sometimes screenshots from the first film or painted concepts. The channel also publishes tips and other information on pronunciation.

All posts on the channel seem to be reposted on the official Instagram account, @learnnavi. Posts on the Instagram consist of:

  • a screenshot or painted concept with a caption of a Na'vi word and its meaning
  • a video post with the captioned screenshot or painted concept and the pronunciation audio
  • the screenshot or painted concept without a caption

Originally, each post was done individually and made to align with Instagram's three posts in a row format. With the addition of Instagram's Galleries feature, the three individual posts now are combined into one gallery post. The Instagram doesn't publish the additional tips and pronunciation info from the Soundcloud.

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