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    Setting: Earth, Present Day


    Team Airwolf Vehicles: Airwolf, Redwolf (Airwolf II), X-1, any other special choppers

    Team Airwolf Crew: the best they have I'm sorry I don't know everyone's names beyond Hawke and Santini.


    RDA Vehicles: the entire RDA helicopter fleet, all the Dragons, Samsons, and Scorpions

    RDA Personnel: The best they have (including door gunners), but there aren't many notable names. The only pilot I remember is Judy.

    This might seem like an unfair fight given the firepower of the RDA's forces, but Airwolf and it's would-be successor flipped off physics consistently, what with their stealth capabilities, mach 1+ top speeds, 60,000ft+ ceiling, and their own formidable firepower.

    Who wins? Details, reasoning, and play-by-plays are all welcomed and appreciated.

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    • Okay, so here's probably the best shot Team Airwolf has.

      Airwolf and Redwolf climb to high altitudes, before diving at the RDA formation firing from above, minimizing the RDA's chances of getting advance warning or evading.

      After that the wolves would probably be best served by guerilla tactics.

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    • Hello?

      Anyone want to talk about this match-up?

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    • Bueller?


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    • Do I need a ventriloquist dummy?

      cue puppet voice

      But commander Sentry, wouldn't nearly all possible, or at least probable, sights for this battle lack any variables that would pretty much be essential for hit and run tactics? Wasn't one of the biggest factors in the RDA's defeat the battleground?

      Why yes Mr. Sensor pod, though it wasn't necessarily the biggest, unless you meant the planet in general.

      And even with the mountains for cover and the Flux vortex for a natural jammer that limited the RDA to line of sight attack, weren't  the forces Jake was leading nearly wiped out?

      Well yes. Though the Airwolf side of this fight is quite well armed.

      But wasn't the deciding factor when the RDA was on the verge of victory a borderline suicidal Zerg rush by all the banshees, hammerheads, alien panthers, and viperwolves with little to no effort devoted to self-preservation.

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    • Why yes Mr Sensor Pod.

      And isn't it possible that Team Airwolf could run out of munitions, or lose by default because of a general lack of the required endurance?

      Why if this keeps up, by the time SOMEONE PAYS ATTENTION TO THIS THREAD, there will be nothing for them to say.

      But what other Avatar themed interactive distractions do they have here?

      Well I believe this is the only off topic thread active on this entire wiki?

      Then why isn'the it getting attention beyond that of its writer?

      I'm afraid I don't know Mr. Sensor Pod. Maybe I need a legion of shiny squirrels to get their attention.

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    • Or maybe a desert buffet and a tap dance.

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    • Do I have to be so obnoxious as to give kudos to each post on this thread and the thread itself myself?

      Do I have to have to go start a flame war with the Airwolf people?

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    • I suppose you don't get any replies because noone here has a clue what you are talking about, at least I don't. ;)

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    • Oh, sorry.

      Airwolf was show in the 80s about an impossible helicopter of the same name.

      The thing had stealth capabilities, advanced electronics, two sets of chain gun clusters with each having two .50 cals and a 30mm, a plethora of missiles and rockets, a ludicrously high maximum altitude, jet engines for supersonic flight, and a full array of countermeasures.

      I believe the show is on Netflix.

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    • It's successor, Airwolf 2 AKA Redwolf featured a laser and a faster rate of fire for its missiles and rockets for upgrades.

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    • Hello?

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    • Anyone interested?

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    • Is there an Airwolf wiki? Try looking there.

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    • It wasn't particularly impressive. I think this is the bigger and busier wiki.

      I'll drop a gauntlet over there in a week if there's nothing more here.

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    • Look at the time. I better go let them know.

      Edit: Never mind. I was banned indefinitely, and I'm confused why. Also, I found no warning.

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    • redwolf got a laser all 3 can hack norad when it had no internet air wolf change it self.

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    • Also the RDA has the Valkyrie Shuttle bombers as well.

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    • For the land battle, there would be dozens of infantry men, all the AMPs,and all the Swans from the RDA. Airwolf would have foot soldiers, giant walkers, and M1 Abrahams Tanks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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