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    Setting: Earth, Present Day


    Team Airwolf Vehicles: Airwolf, Redwolf (Airwolf II), X-1, any other special choppers

    Team Airwolf Crew: the best they have I'm sorry I don't know everyone's names beyond Hawke and Santini.


    RDA Vehicles: the entire RDA helicopter fleet, all the Dragons, Samsons, and Scorpions

    RDA Personnel: The best they have (including door gunners), but there aren't many notable names. The only pilot I remember is Judy.

    This might seem like an unfair fight given the firepower of the RDA's forces, but Airwolf and it's would-be successor flipped off physics consistently, what with their stealth capabilities, mach 1+ top speeds, 60,000ft+ ceiling, and their own formidable firepower.

    Who wins? Details, reasoning, and play-by-plays are all welcomed and appreciated.

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