Titan Armor
Titan Armor
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Titan armor is used by RDA SecOps soldiers on Pandora. These mechanized bodysuits are made of composite plates which are then woven onto a titanium-laced fabric base layer. Titan armor provides unparalleled protection for foot patrols in Pandora's lethal foliage. Bio-genetic enhancements further increase the already excellent mobility of this heavy armor.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Edit

If Able Ryder sides with the RDA, he receives this armor at the end of the game, just before he takes a Dragon Assault Ship to the Well of Souls. It replaces Centauri Armor and is not replaced by another armor in the game, as it is the last armor Ryder receives. Non-player SecOps soldiers wear this armor, particularly soldiers that have been deployed in the Blue Lagoon and Plains of Goliath regions. Soldiers who wear this armor wield Assault Rifles. A notable character that wears Titan Armor is Batista.

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