Toy Banshees
Toy Banshee
Item Information
Na'vi Name

su'shiri t'acto sa


< 40cm wide



Used by



toy, educational tool



Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide

Toy banshees (Na'vi name: su'shiri t'acto sa) are replica banshees made by the Na'vi. They are made from flexible sticks decorated with twigs, reeds, and colored twine. Weighing roughly half a kilogram, the size depends on personal choice but no more than 40 centimeters wingspan is made. Every Na'vi child in the Omaticaya Clan has one and most choose to personalize theirs with shells and twine. The toy reminds children that they will someday bond with a real banshee; this encourages them to hone their hunting skills.[1]

The Omaticaya also make Leonopteryx figures, but these are used as talismans rather than playthings.

Kekunan Toy

Kekunan Toy

The Kekunan Clan have their own variations, for use as educational tools. Clan elders use them to demonstrate the dynamics and physics of flight. They teach their children specific manoeuvres that mirror the behaviors of real mountain banshees, such as diving, gliding and turning. This develops concentration and quick reflexes – two indispensible traits of highly skilled banshee riders. This is part of a wider focus on banshee riding prevalent in the Kekunan Clan.[2]


  1. James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide

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