Upper Wilds
Upper Wilds
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The Upper Wilds make up an area in the Northern FEBA. The area is connected to the Muck in the South, Camp Anvil in the East, Boscage in the West, and Minosky's Mire in South-East. It extends North and Westwards, along the top of a waterfall. There is an old wooden building at the North end, bearing a design similar to the old school house. The inside is empty, but there is an ammunition dispenser pod and GMI unit by the steps. At the North-Western tip, a Na'vi bridge crosses over Boscage and connects it to the Willow Tree. The area is home to species of plant such as the vein pod and the cilliphant.

Avatar: The GameEdit

Able Ryder passes through the area on his way to the Willow Tree. He later passed back in the opposite direction to meet up with Kendra.


The empty building in the west

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