Hey guys :)

i watched Avatar for the 5th time yesterday and i noticed/thought about something which i didnt the other times.

Ok first, just before RDA are about to fly out and destroy Hometree, remember the part where Quaritich, Grace, Jake, Parker were having an argument and Grace says " what are you gonna do ranger rick?, shoot me!?? he follows with "I can do that" and indeed he does end up shooting her later in the film.

Another one, as Grace, Jake, Norm and Trudy were in what they call "shack" they were looking at images of the Flux Vortex and the Tree Of Souls on the computer screen. she says "I'd die to get some samples from there". funny that because she did up dying at the Tree Of Souls.

Looks like her mouth didnt get here anywhere but to be at a rest with Eywa :( oh well shit happens Grace, sorry ;)

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