Tsu'tey 2 HD

Tsu'tey next to his Direhorse.

Два друга, два врага...

Jake and his Toruk.


Neytiri and her banshee, Seze.

Hey guys. There were a lot of great animals in Avatar, For example, the banshees, the Toruk, the Direhorse, the Prolemuris, the Hexapede, etc. Now, you're probably wondering why I created this blog. Well, I recently had to watch my dog die and am kinda depressed about it, so I decided to make a blog about animals. You guys are free to talk about Pandoran animals, animals from Earth, differences between the animals of Pandora and Earth, what animals you think will be in the sequel to Avatar, and any past experiences you've had with pets and animals. Enjoy!

On the right are multiple pictures of some of the main Avatar characters and their beloved pets. You can see the Horse Clan Leader (some refer to him as Akwey) with his direhorse, Jake with his Toruk, Neytiri with her banshee, Seze, and Tsu'tey with his direhorse.

Direhorse rider bow

The Horse Clan Leader and his Direhorse.

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