I did some research the other day, and I discovered an interview with Michelle Rodriguez (Trudy Chacon in Avatar) that may have something to do with Avatar 2:

Michelle Rodriguez says she would love to return in the sequel as Captain Trudy Chacon, even though her character did in fact die in the original movie. She explains:

"Jim Cameron can kill me anytime. It's a pleasure to die for him! But Jim'll tell you himself... in science fiction films nobody really dies."

As she says, nothing is impossible in science fiction, particularly considering James Cameron has already dropped some hints that another dead character might come back from the dead, specifically Sigourney Weaver as Grace.


Now, even though many of you find my "crush", as some might say, on Trudy a little...strange, awkward, and creepy, I thought this may be somewhat useful even though it's mostly old information. Rodriguez also talked about at least wanting to come on set to watch the filming of the sequel(s), and she appears to have done her research, as she has stated that Avatar 2 will go to Pandora's oceans. So, what do you think? Does this mean something, or are we being screwed with again? (Jcameronfan123's blog) =P

I also thought it was interesting that they incorrectly referred to her as "Captain" Trudy Chacon! =)

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