Hello everyone! First of all, let me say that thank you for making me feel so welcomed on this wiki since I first began. What's special about this blog is that this is my 1,000th edit on the Wiki! =) I wanted to do something special in honor of this, so I have a few questions regarding the upcoming Avatar sequel for you...

  1. Do you like the idea of Neytiri having offspring in the second film?
  2. Do you think it seems logical for Grace to come back?
  3. If there were any deceased characters for the first film to return, who would you like to see return?
  4. What do you anticipate most about the sequel?
  5. If there were any actors or actresses that you would like to see in Avatar 2, who are they and what role would you like to see them play? (eg: antagonist, protagonist, Na'vi, human, cyborg, avatar, etc.)
  6. Stephen Lang has recently stated that the RDA has Quaritch's blood, so his character's comeback is possible. Is this a good or bad idea?
  7. Do you think Avatar 2 will be better or worse than Avatar?
  8. Would you ever consider auditioning for a role in the sequel?
  9. Will you be at the first showing of Avatar 2 in theaters?
  10. If a wave of Avatar 2 action figures were released to coincide with the release of the sequel, would you buy them?

Yeah, I know - kind of random questions... I just thought of them off the top of my head though, so it's kind of another really strange, weird, and random blog from me! ;) Enjoy!

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