Hey guys! Now, I know this blog post has nothing to do with the Wiki, but we're running out of stuff to talk about, and this is a good topic for a blog post, even though it's slightly delayed.

There is a rumor started by 89-year-old Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping saying that today, May 21st, will be the end of the world as we know it. Supposedly, his first two predictions that the world would end were incorrect. He blamed their failure on mathematical errors. However, he also predicted a Rapture, and that 3% of Earth's population would be swept up into the sky towards Heaven. He also predicted that exactly 5 months later (October 21st) would be the end of the universe. Now, I need your guys' opinion, but here are reasons that he may be full of crap:

  • He plays Mormon radio commercials on his Christian radio station.
  • The predicted time of the end of the world, 6:00 P.M., has already passed in New Zealand, which was believed to be the first place in which a massive earthquake would begin, causing the beginning of the end.
  • The Bible says no human being would know when the world was ending. It also states that there would be false prophets (or in this case, 89-year-old whackjobs).
  • He's 89. He could just be going crazy.
  • He has already failed at two predictions of the end of the world.

So, will this be the end? Will Avatar 2 ever be even made with all these end-of-the-world rumors? What do you guys think?

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