Hi everyone. I will say right now that this blog has nothing to do with Avatar. Nothing. But, being that everyone here is like a family, I do need your help. (A similar blog was posted on MLB Wiki, too, so feel free to check it out for it to gain popularity.) I am making a petition, because, as you know, I love baseball (And I am very rebellious). My favorite team is the Detroit Tigers, and one of my favorite players, well... His contract wasn't renewed and the team hasn't signed him yet for next year. His name is Magglio Ordonez. He is a really kind guy and a great baseball player, and I'm sending the petitions as well as a letter to the Tigers' trade manager, Dave Dombrowski, expressing my concerns for the team's future without him. Even if you like another team, I really need your help. I trust every one of you here on Avatar Wiki and am asking, no. I am begging and pleading that you will help me. Thank you for all your support (Oh, and all you have to do is like type your name, but additional comments are allowed as long as they're not bagging on the Tigers).

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