Not sure if that title is punctuated correctly or not, but whatever! :) I have recently come across an article regarding James Cameron and why he thinks Avatar: The Game was not very successful among gamers, and I thought you guys might find it interesting:

Punters could be forgiven for believing that James Cameron’s AVATAR: THE GAME did poorly because in spite of its flashy 3D technology, it wasn't actually that much fun to play.

James Cameron has an alternative theory: the game flopped simply because because it launched before the film that inspired it, and thus lost the chance to ride on its coat-tails. "What I think we did wrong with the Avatar game was to release it before the film opened. I think that the Avatar brand hadn't been well enough established yet since the film hadn't opened. And the game got lost in the pre-Christmas rush with all the other big titles and sequels, and it didn't do as well as everybody hoped it would. I think there were lessons learned and things we need to do better."As GamePro reports, Cameron is otherwise thrilled with the work Ubisoft did on the game, and is doubling down on his relationship with the French developer. In the next two games, his film production team and will be integrating its technical resources with the game developers to an unprecedented degree:

"We want to continue on exactly the same path with Ubisoft on the next Avatar films. For the new Avatar games, we're developing better ways in which we each can adopt the other's toolset. We're going to be rendering models with their game technology and vice versa. They'll be using our tools, which is fun. It's fun for both teams."

You can read more about it here.

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