Hello everyone! While this is an extremely old video (at least a year old), I have finally found footage of Laz Alonso (Tsu'tey) speaking about Avatar 2. While this interview took place before the second film was even confirmed, the end of the interview might surprise you, as Laz has stated that Tsu'tey never really died just because he fell off the plane, and that he could have caught on some leaves or branches on the fall down! This may be an obvious reference to Tsu'tey's extended death in the Extended Release of the film, but Laz obviously knew about the scene being that he filmed it. So, does this mean that Tsu'tey may have survived??? Alonso further stated he would love for Tsu'tey to return. While many of you are praying that deceased characters such as Tsu'tey, Trudy, and Quaritch do not return, this could be huge news even though it is so... old. So, what do you guys think??? You can watch the interview below (Alonso speaks about Avatar 2 at the end):


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