Hey guys! I know this is not an Avatar-related blog, but I was searching the web the other day for James Cameron news and I came across a website that said that a Titanic 2 was in the works!? Don't get your hopes up too hihg, because it was confirmed to be just a rumor, as obviously another film cannot be made since the ship sank in the first film, but it was rumoured to be called Titanic: Two The Surface, and Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jack was supposed to return. I wouldn't have posted this blog, but I understand that the users here are big JC fans and Titanic has often wandered into our discussion topics one way or another, so I thought this might interest you guys! Now, judging the way some of you have gone nuts about JC considering bringing back Trudy and Quaritch for Avatar 2, I cannot wait to see what you guys have to say about this! :) (Even though I know it's not real.) I also recently discovered that there was a film titled Titanic II that was a direct-to-DVD released movie that followed a second Titanic ship taking the same route as the original. (It may be a mockbuster of Titanic, as many moviegoers claim, but no one has said anything official). Anyways, crazy stuff. Let me know what you guys think about a second Titanic IF it was ever made...

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