This is a Trudy Chacon fan blog. There are not fan blogs for all the characters. This is the first one and is created to appreciate the beauty of this amazing character and remember her after she heroically died for what was right. What do you Avatar fans think of Trudy? I thought of her as a wonderful, bold, and energetic character that knew what was right and despite the danger she was putting herself in, decided to fight for it. She was very attractive (because who doesn't think Michelle Rodriguez is hot?) and had a spunky badass personality to match. If any otehr deceased character from Avatar besides Grace returns, it should TOTALLY be Trudy. I highly doubt Michelle Rodriguez reads this, but if she does, Michelle, please try to return for Avatar 2 if you can, and you have such a wonderful talent and are very beautiful. Avatar 2 should definitely bring Trudy back, because not one fan, even if they didn't like her, would not admit she was not a good character. Trudy should totally come back, don't you guys think? Oh, by the way, THIS IS NOT A HATE BLOG! DO NOT LEAVE UNKIND COMMENTS. THIS IS STRICTLY A FAN BLOG TO APPRECIATE WHAT TRUDY CHACON DID.

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