Okay, now, I know what you're thinking. This is just another pointless holiday blog that Tsu'tey has created to annoy everyone. Well, you're wrong. This Valentine's Blog (itt's even early, too!) is intended for you guys to express your opinions on the deep and beautiful relationship between Jake Sully and Neytiri te Tskaha te Mo'at'ite throughout Avatar. You guys are free to talk about the relationship that almost was Trudy and Norm. (In case you haven't seen the deleted scene in the Collector's Edition, there was a cut scene showing Norm and Trudy having sex, although it's not considered canon), and the relationship that Mo'at and Eytukan had (from what we've seen of their relationship). Enjoy!


The deep romance that Jake and Neytiri had throughout the film is portrayed in this picture of them.

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