Hey guys! You're probably wondering what this blog post is about. Well, let me tell you. I am going to start researching soon and in the near future will be writing a letter to Mr. Cameron himself expressing certain concerns and thoughts that we at Avatar Wiki have for Avatar's sequel. It will not be anything big, but this blog is intended for you guys to write what you want me to include and stuff. I, as does every true James Cameron fan, understand that he doesn't accept fan ideas and use them in movies, but I will indeed write to him expressing why certain characters should or shouldn't come back. I will be complaining about Quaritch's return and tell him that they should clone him if he comes back, because he cannot come back otherwise. I will also be asking if it's possible that he can bring Trudy back, because watching her death in slow motion, I SWEAR TO THE GOOD LORD that I saw a piece of wreckage that was part of the exploding ship. I will also be expressing my concerns about Neytiri's pregnancy and the affect that it will have on sequels. Also, I will send him a copy of my book and ask him what he thinks. I know I may very well be insane, but if I could even converse with that man for two seconds and tell him what a pure genius he is for coming up with Avatar, I would take the chance.

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