• Alan.T

    Kaltxi ma eylan,

    I have been contacted by the organiser of the Sustainatopia conference and exhibition, which is being held in Miami from 19th - 25th April 2012. There is something that will very much be of interest to us Avatar Fans:

    There are two events happening over that weekend for Avatar!!

    The first one is Avatar - The Summit: "Spend an afternoon exploring the profound connections between the world’s most popular movie and the creation of a more sustainable planet. Meet friends from around the world who share your sensibility and passion for James Cameron’s masterpiece. Create a new network and friendships for a lifetime. Expect many surprises and even a celebrity or two!"

    The second event is a public screening of Avatar!!: "Enjoy the wo…

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  • Alan.T

    Kaltxi folks,

    I'm fairly new here, but have been a member of Avatar-Forums and the Tree of Souls forums from just about the very beginning. I've also passed on a few thoughts to the Avatar Convention being planned here. Hope it is going well.

    Anyway this leads me onto the Avatar Exhibtion that is opening in Seattle on 4th June at the Science Fiction Museum. Quite a few of us, especially from the Tree of Souls forum are looking to go and meet up there to enjoy the opening weekend together. We all feel it would be really great is as many aysumke sì aysmukan could meet up together over that weekend.

    To this end we have been trying to arrange a few things: We have enquired with the IMAX cinema if they could show Avatar SE 3D for us on the Saturda…

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