• Amaia Angharad Nogrado



    Here is a German forum where i found the na'vi name of the Tree of Souls: Vitraya Ramunon. I've changed the article already =D

    Thanks to you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)

    Zìsìt-yä sngä'ikrr a-le-fpom ngaru leiu!

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  • Amaia Angharad Nogrado

    Hi Avatar Community! I've found this pdf archive. It may be fake, but I want to share it with you. I think it's the original scriptment, from Project 880

    Happy New Year!!

    First Paragraphs

    Welcome to JOSH SULLY'S world. It is a century from now, and the population of our tired planet has tripled. Finally, drowning in its own toxic waste, starvation and poverty, the population has topped out at a nice even 20 billion. The Earth is dying, covered with a gray mold of human civilization. Even the moon is spiderwebbed with city lights on its dark side. Overpopulation, overdevelopment, nuclear terrorism, environmental warfare tactics, radiation leakage from power plants and waste dumps, toxic waste, air pollution, deforestation, pollution and overfi…

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  • Amaia Angharad Nogrado

    Hi community!! Merry Christmas to you all!!! Sorry for my bad english, but does anyone know the na'vi name for the Tree of Souls? I've watched the movie on Internet in spanish, and in the minute 1:13 Grace is watching on the computer when Jake reaches the Tree with his banshee, and she says the name of the tree, is sth like "aybetraya aramunon" or sth like that. Can you help me? Thanks to you all and Merry Xmas!!!

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