The wiki lists the date of The Destruction of The Hometree as August 20, 2154 and The Assault on the Tree of Souls as August 22, 2154. However, one of those dates has to be wrong. My timeline below shows why.

August 20

  • Tree of Voices destroyed
  • Hometree destroyed
  • Grace is wounded in escape (night)

August 21

  • Mobile link station moved near Tree of Souls (morning)
  • Jake tames Toruk
  • Jake asks Omaticaya to save Grace
  • Omaticaya fail to save Grace (night - near dawn)

August 22

  • Jakes speech and setting out to gather the other clans (dawn)


Date X

  • Quaritch reviels his plan to attack the Tree of Souls
  • Max warns Jake of attack at 0600 tomorrow (night)

Date X+1

  • Quaritch attacks Tree of Souls

There is not enough time between the two events for the dates to be accurate. So, at least one must be wrong. Some other important information that we know for a fact is that Jake makes his last log entry on August 24, 2154.

What do you all make of this?

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