I have had a problem with my laptop these days and it doesnt work properly....Therefore I couldnt get online and see my talk page and answer to your "happy birthday" wishes....And because I dnt want to seem like a grumpy one, I found some time to get at my friend's house and post this. So to all people who wished me happy birthday, I want to say a big thank you. It really means a lot. And to answer to the coments about my drawings, I am really really happy that you like them (Good news for me, since I want to be an artist). Everyone has a tallent at something. To all people I want to say that it is an honor to be in this wiki and I am very lucky to be in it with all these amazing people that make it special, every and each one of them. It is like a Hometree. Avatar brought us here. Every day is special just because it exists....All days are special, but a few are life-changing, big time days. The day we saw avatar, was the day that we started being in this wiki (most of us). It's as if it's all scheduled....How can this be? How is that possible? Well, the answer is that there is no answer....We just live and some days are more special than others. Or some other days, may be about a specific thing, but the really special event happens later. But usually, we understand that the next day or never...So, again, thank you all very much and take care! :)

Oel ngati kameie

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