aka chrissy

  • I live in pandora
  • I was born on December 17
  • My occupation is student
  • I am female
  • Avatarismyconstant18

    I'm a big fan of both James Cameron's Avatar and The Lord of the Rings. They are both fantasy and they take me to beautiful worlds with fantastical creatures. Ever since I saw the first trailer for Avatar,I've always thought of the Na'vi as very elven and that the Na'vi reminded me of elves because the Na'vi are tall and have long hair like the Elves. To get to the my point,I just want to say I see alot of similarities between the Na'vi and the Elves. They are both tall and slender with long hair. They both use bows and arrows. Their language structure is similar,for example in both languages the verbs come at the end of sentences. They both love nature and respect it and have spiritual connections with nature. They both love trees and hav…

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