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  • Azaelius

    The voting booths are now closed! After some intense voting on the community's part, we have the official standings for the contestants. All of the entries were outstanding, but the community and admins have chosen the best of the best. It was an extremely tough decision for all voters, but here are the standings:

    1. The Young Huntress, by Draginfli
    2. Contest Entry by Sethy89
    3. 212 Seconds, by HYperKnighT
    4. Foreman, by Netwolk
    5. Retaliation, by Ghaziya

    We'll have your badges on your user pages immediately, and your other prizes should arrive to you in the mail soon.

    Congratulations again, and thanks to everyone who competed and voted!

    Note: Only admins are allowed to administer the badge template. If anyone is caught placing a badge on their own page, they w…

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  • Azaelius

    After a group meeting in the IRC, the other admins and I have agreed to disable the badges system. Anybody who has seen the effects of the badges on the wiki will know why we're doing this. But, for fairness sake, we will list off the reasons why we came to this conclusion.


    1. The badges lead to useless edits (no further explanation needed)
    2. The badges counter on the user pages squish the content into a very small area, making the page difficult to navigate, especially with the new skin
    3. None of our articles has been improved with text because of the badges. People make almost only category edits, and most of them have to be reverted
    4. 5/5 admins and 1 bureaucrat agree that they should be disabled
    5. They turn the wiki into a game rather than a so…
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  • Azaelius

    A Fresh New Look

    August 11, 2010 by Azaelius

    As the blog title may suggest, we have a possible new look coming to our beloved Avatar wiki.

    Over the past few days, Faern, Matias and I have been working in absolute secrecy to bring you guys a brand new skin and layout to soothe your eyes. We essentially made an entirely new skin from scratch, so just about every little thing about the current skin has either been retrofitted to work with the new layout, or completely scrapped. Everything from the page width to the sidebar to the background pictures have been tweaked for the better (we think).

    We'd like all of your opinions, though, so we are giving everyone the chance to vote for whichever skin they like better. If you'd like to test out the new skin, you may here. Report any bugs that y…

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  • Azaelius

    New Badges System!

    July 7, 2010 by Azaelius

    Some of you may have noticed that in place of your edit count that you worked your tails off to get up as high as it was, there is now a points system. Don't worry, you can still see how many edits you've made by looking next to your name. Now, these points that you see in the upper right hand corner of your "My Home" page are the result of a new badges system that Matias has implemented. This idea came about when Matias was browsing the other successful wikis (Red Dead Wiki, Iron Man Wiki, in the future Avatar Wiki etc.) and came across the great idea of rewarding those loyal hard working editors with superficial shiny objects. I personally created the pictures and named about 90% of the badges, so you can be assured that these are qualit…

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  • Azaelius

    Alright ladies and gentlemen, the voting booths are now open. Vote for whichever logo suits your fancy, I made some changes, and I didn't include prototypes 2 or 3 because they looked kinda cheesy. I put them in their actual sizes for you, so you can see which one would look the best when it's actually up on the wiki. The poll will be closed and a winner will be selected on Wednesday, July 7th. Enjoy, and vote honestly!

    Here are the contestants (original logo on the left, how it would look like in the wiki on the right):

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