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A Fresh New Look

Azaelius August 11, 2010 User blog:Azaelius

As the blog title may suggest, we have a possible new look coming to our beloved Avatar wiki.

Over the past few days, Faern, Matias and I have been working in absolute secrecy to bring you guys a brand new skin and layout to soothe your eyes. We essentially made an entirely new skin from scratch, so just about every little thing about the current skin has either been retrofitted to work with the new layout, or completely scrapped. Everything from the page width to the sidebar to the background pictures have been tweaked for the better (we think).

Old Skin Main Page

Main Page with Old Skin Applied

New Skin Main Page

Main Page with New Skin on Testing Grounds

Old Skin My Home

My Home with Old Skin Applied

New Skin My Home

My Home with New Skin on Testing Grounds

We'd like all of your opinions, though, so we are giving everyone the chance to vote for whichever skin they like better. If you'd like to test out the new skin, you may here. Report any bugs that you may find in the comments, and we'll be sure to fix them as soon as we can.


By a score of 18 to 74, the winner is...


Congrats everyone, on a job well done.

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