Spiffy title, huh? Anyways, yesterday Matias commissioned me to create a logo for the wiki (that you may have seen if you were browsing the new files section), but some users like Faern and even Matias still prefer the current logo. Ozzy, Matias and I came up with the idea to ask you guys what you think. However, this is not the voting section for any logos quite yet.

The real question is, what would you like to see in the new banner? We'd like you to leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments that you provide, and I'll do my best to incorporate all of them into the new logo design. Anything that you can dream up, I can probably do, so be creative and don't stick with just the normal stuff.

On voting day, I'll produce three prototype designs for the wiki, and we'll have you guys vote for whichever one you like best. If none of them suit your fancy, you can still vote for the current logo to remain in it's place.

Wiki Logo

You can now vote!

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