After a group meeting in the IRC, the other admins and I have agreed to disable the badges system. Anybody who has seen the effects of the badges on the wiki will know why we're doing this. But, for fairness sake, we will list off the reasons why we came to this conclusion.


  1. The badges lead to useless edits (no further explanation needed)
  2. The badges counter on the user pages squish the content into a very small area, making the page difficult to navigate, especially with the new skin
  3. None of our articles has been improved with text because of the badges. People make almost only category edits, and most of them have to be reverted
  4. 5/5 admins and 1 bureaucrat agree that they should be disabled
  5. They turn the wiki into a game rather than a source of information (detracts from the professionalism of the wiki)
  6. People competing for the top spot in the leaderboard is not the definition of a 'collaborative community'
  7. The badges do not encourage useful edits, they encourage as many edits as possible, and a wiki demands quality over quantity
  8. The majority of users want them gone
  9. People were complaining at the beginning that their past edits didn't count, and that's no longer an issue without badges

I think those reasons should do, I can't think of a single reason to keep them, apart from the fact that I designed them, and I did a pretty shoddy job at that. ;)

If anyone want to see all the badges, they are lsited below:

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