The voting booths are now closed! After some intense voting on the community's part, we have the official standings for the contestants. All of the entries were outstanding, but the community and admins have chosen the best of the best. It was an extremely tough decision for all voters, but here are the standings:

  1. The Young Huntress, by Draginfli
  2. Contest Entry by Sethy89
  3. 212 Seconds, by HYperKnighT
  4. Foreman, by Netwolk
  5. Retaliation, by Ghaziya

We'll have your badges on your user pages immediately, and your other prizes should arrive to you in the mail soon.

Congratulations again, and thanks to everyone who competed and voted!

Note: Only admins are allowed to administer the badge template. If anyone is caught placing a badge on their own page, they will be banned for a week without warning.

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