• Azulman

    Music in the Avatar Trailer

    January 13, 2010 by Azulman

    For those interested, it's "Guardians at the Gate" and "Akkadian Empire", both by Audiomachine.


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  • Azulman

    It's my first post here so I felt like I needed to get this out there. If this belongs somewhere, like say a forum similar to the ones about Avatar depression, please say it out.

    About my prediction on the sequels, I'm pretty sure Cameron will be going more into depth about the other moons, as well as the aquatic lifeforms, water travel, etc. What I'm more generally concerned, though, is how the trilogy will end (pretty sure it'll go to 3 movies) If the ending is:

    1. Titanic-esque, where either Neytiri or Jake dies saving the other
    2. Tragic like Romeo & Juliet, where both die

    how would you feel? How would you think the general fans will react? You think either one will most likely happen? I'm asking this question because I read up (most likely on t…

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