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January 7, 2010
  • Bigtime32

    PandoraSurvival Guide

    January 18, 2010 by Bigtime32

    I'm sure something to this effect has been discussed before, I just didn't feel like going back and trying to find it lol

    So I was thinking about getting myself a copy of the Pandora survival guide. I went to my bookstore, and it was backordered, and wouldnt even ship out for 2-4 weeks. Kinda a long wait

    I'm sure some of you guys have it. Is it good? Is it worth the money? I don't wanna get it and be dissapointed lol. Whoever has it, let me know how it is

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  • Bigtime32

    I'm sure this has been discussed in some context on this site, but I just needed to get this off my chest.

    Do you guys get a lot of people telling you that Avatar promotes the destruction of the human race? I do, and it's crap. The thing people fail to understand is that the story would be boring if the humans were the good guys and the Na'vi were the bad guys. It would be just another human vs. people from another planet story. However when the roles are switched, it makes for a much more intresting story. Does this bug you guys? Let me know.

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  • Bigtime32

    lol i was browsing the web and i saw this article, its pretty good

    It talks about how some people, like some of us have a hard time with normal life after seeing avatar. Some of the people are pretty nuts though. I know we all loved the movie, but i dont think it made any of us "contemplate suicide" lol thats a little bit much

    what do you guys think??

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  • Bigtime32

    if anyone on here is an xbox player, hit me up with the gamertag! lol i just figured it would be cool to play some xbox for sure. COD, whatever!

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  • Bigtime32


    January 7, 2010 by Bigtime32


    I'm not usually big into movie romances of any sort. I find them pretty lame and corny generally, occasionally even amusing in their stupidness.

    But for some reason, something was different for me with Avatar, and Jake/Neytiri. It really hit me straight to the heart, and i began to genuinely care about what happened to them (I'm a guy, so def. not the feeling i get during movies typically). I still give it some thought almost every day, and i haven't even seen the movie since December 20th (if my memory serves me correctly. Also, I've only seen it once. Hoping to scratch together the coin to see it a few more times).

    Were any of the rest of you guys touched or affected by what happened in the movie? I know I was for sure. There are times …

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