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Bigtime32 January 7, 2010 User blog:Bigtime32


I'm not usually big into movie romances of any sort. I find them pretty lame and corny generally, occasionally even amusing in their stupidness.

But for some reason, something was different for me with Avatar, and Jake/Neytiri. It really hit me straight to the heart, and i began to genuinely care about what happened to them (I'm a guy, so def. not the feeling i get during movies typically). I still give it some thought almost every day, and i haven't even seen the movie since December 20th (if my memory serves me correctly. Also, I've only seen it once. Hoping to scratch together the coin to see it a few more times).

Were any of the rest of you guys touched or affected by what happened in the movie? I know I was for sure. There are times when I wish I could live on Pandora with the Na'vi, and I think about how great it would be.

Also, on a slightly more amusing note, did any of the rest of you find Neytiri attractive? My friends and I discussed it, and we found that by the end of the movie, we were very attracted to her. Why, we don't know =P

If you guys agree with me on either or both of these things, I'd love to know how you think and feel about them.

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