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    I recently came accross one of my new favorite articles on is what I found.

    "Quaritch is not on Pandora, Pandora is on Quaritch." - ElBartoME

    "Quaritch can obtain unobtainium." - Palulukan

    "Quaritch is toxic to the air on Pandora." - Palulukan

    "Quaritch can blast a crater in your memory." - Toruk Maktoyu

    "Quaritch can create potent mixes." - Toruk Maktoyu

    "Quaritch can ride the Toruk without Tsahaylu." - Omaticaya

    "Toruk looks up for Quaritch." - Serene

    "Quaritch was the first, second, third, fourth AND fifth Toruk Makto" - Toruk Maktoyu

    "Tsahaylu makes Quaritch with other Tsahaylus." - Toruk Maktoyu

    "Quaritch made it to Pandora in 2 years... Without a ship." - Palulukan

    "...And when you wake up it feels like a Quaritch kicking and a …

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    With Avatar's succes comes great spoofs as we all know. Here are two articles that gave me quite a chuckle after reading them. Enjoy!

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    Apparently, an Email has been recovered from one of The Hurt Locker's producers that was sent to members of the Awards Acadamy, urging members to vote for The Hurt Locker. This breaks a pretty big Acadamy rule, and who knows what the outcome of this will be. Maybe, this single action will prevent it from recieving its Acadamy Awards nominations, but no final decision has been reached as this has never happend before.

    "I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to write you and say I hope you liked Hurt Locker and if you did and want us to win, please tell (name deleted) and your friends who vote for the Oscars, tell actors, directors, crew members, art directors, special effects people, if everyone tells one or two of their friends, we will…

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    I'm glad to (finally) see this news online. The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films 2010 Saturn Awards have been announced, and it came as tremendous relief and joy for me to come accross the Best Actor and Best Actress categories and low and behold...Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are on the roster for their parts in Avatar! Also, Stephen Lang and Sigourney Weaver have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Actress respectively.

    Other Nominations by this Acadamy include:

    • Best Fantasy Film
    • Best Director (no suprise =p)
    • Best Writing
    • Best Music
    • Best Production Design
    • and last but certainly not least, Best Special Effects (also no suprise).

    You can find the whole nominations list here:…

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    Check this link site, full of amazing articles and updates on Avatar.

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