One summer's day I wandered into a cinema in the french alps, and found this gem gathering dust in the corner...
An Avatar themed pinball machine! When I have some more time (I actually have a job now!) I will make it a proper article. I think it was manufactured by Stern, and from six or so playthroughs I can say it was a pretty tough machine. They have a multiball trigger underneath the AMP model, which can only be hit by first destroying the barrier in front. I have a couple of videos of myself failing admirably at it...
Nice little arcade hidden there anyway. In case anyone wanders that way, it was the Decavision cinema in the french town of Annecy. I was there for the animation festival, it was just cool to stumble across a piece of trivia I hadn't seen before. --Cadellin (talk) 14:56, June 22, 2014 (UTC)

edit: found it on their site. apparently it has an original voiceover by stephen lang, but I couldn't hear it in the relatively quiet cinema lobby. Its possible it was muted, i guess.

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