found an interesting tidbit on my way through the game. There are a couple of signs around hells gate, and I posted one here:


The resolution isn't great; sadly thats as good as were going to get from the game textures. I have done my best with photoshop to try and deduce some of the text, but it isnt happening. However; we can see a few things clearly. The pentagonal arangement of the base, and a floor diagram, with icons showing what goes where. If you look closely, you can see that there are three icons on the fifth floor; a weight, a shirt and a shower icon.

Now If you look at this sign, which appeared in the film:


it appears to confirm this, and further shows one of them to be the gym. Im sure that if we hunt through the film, we can work out the exact layout of it based on signs like this. The game sign shows six floors in total, with quarters on floors three and four; the bed icon can be seen in better resolution on the film sign.

Who's up for sign hunting?

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