Has anyone else notice how many references there are to dreams in Avatar?

  • all the Navi call Jake "dreamwalker"
  • Jake- "You don't dream in cryo"
  • Quaritch- "Time to wake up"
  • The Dream Hunt ceremony
  • Mo'at's name means "Dream Catcher"
  • Jake's eyes move whilst he is asleep. The eyes are one of the few parts of the body not affected by sleep paralysis, and so if you move them in a dream they move in real life.
  • The lyrics from I see you, "walking through a dream"...
  • All the screens by the link beds say "REM init" on them, if you look closely. (REM is the phase of sleep where most dreaming occurs)

Does anyone else here practice lucid dreaming? its a technique where you realise that you are dreaming, and then can do anything you want without any consequences. ive been doing it for about a year now, mainly so I can play around with super powers and stuff. I thought it would be cool to visit Pandora in a lucid dream; anything is possible. If any of you are interested, here's my dream journal blog: [1] , and you can learn how to do it on this website: [2]

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