This thing just launched, it is an interactive website that lets you 'explore' Pandora. It has its own pseudo-wiki, and it is chock full of information on the Omaticaya, Tipani, Tawkami, and Anurai clans, and even a new one named the Kekunan Clan who are known for their skilled banshee riders. Each of the five clans are given runic symbols and some surrounding info. Kekunan might be the proper name for the Eastern Sea People; it is kinda ambiguous atm. Regardless it goes way down into several artefacts; it looks like Neytiri's flight mask is in fact Kekunan in origin, as is the gear Jake wears during the final confrontation. Whoever made the website did their research; it even references Tranquil Seeds, a minor game mechanic from the 2009 DS game, and weaves in some of those gimmicky game mechanics from that game into an actual credible network of lore.

25 Entries in their Pandorapedia anyway; I made local screenshots of the entire thing in case the site goes down.


Kekunan Clan Symbol. Each of the five clans I mentioned has one.

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