Hey there. Just an interesting tidbit I found whilst on Daizenshuu ex...

Toei animation has finally admitted that their new Dragonball Kai soundtrack is not entirely original, and has been reverting back to the 80s one for the past couple of weeks. I noticed similarities with the avatar soundtrack at one point, but it took Daizex to point it out...

"First played when Trunks kills Freeza in DragonBall Kai episode 56 (and many times after that, particularly in scenes where something important is just about to happen),"Isshin Ittai" ("The Ebb and The Flow") is an interesting piece in that it evokes both a triumphant and cautious feeling at the same time.

It is, however, basically just a take on the track "War" from the Avatar soundtrack composed by James Horner. All of the same elements are there — the horns may hit different notes at times, and other instruments play the part of the vocal chants in the original movie track, but it is essentially the same song arranged in a slightly different way."

You can hear their version yourself over here: [1] The offending piece of music starts about 55 seconds in.

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