• Calles

    The Bucket Wheel Excavator is very big, much bigger than you would expect, I just found a posible solution to this...

    The Bucket Wheel Excavator could possibly refine the ore aswell as digging it up. Cause as you may notice the pit is mainly full of gravel and sand. Also there seams to be no real place for a massive refining plant in Hell's Gate.

    This solution would give a perfect reason for why the Bucket Wheel Excavator is so big. Unfortionaly if you look at the game there is this thing called the front end loader witch apparently just dumps ore directly in to the trucks. I think, i have not played the game.

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  • Calles

    Plot hole

    January 30, 2010 by Calles

    When Jake wakes up from cryo, the med tech tells everyone that they have been under for 5 years, 9 months and 22 days.

    So that means that you would have to have an average speed of 4.37/5.81 = 0.752 times the speed off light to get there in 5.81 years. The ISV does not even have that high cruising speed and it still needs to accelerate and deaccelerate.

    The only solution that make all things fit is that the people was not put in to cryo sleep until they had already left(witch seams wierd, why wait a year before going in to cryo sleep ). Or that it is a movie and the movie Alpha Centauri is way closer than ours.

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  • Calles

    My book arived

    January 27, 2010 by Calles

    My Sixth Sense was activated today, it is my "magic" sense it is quite unnecessary but it is nice to have What is it you may ask. I can sense when i get packages in the mail. And I am not lying, whenever i have a package in the mail i can feel it. I just know it's there. I have not had a single flaw in like a year. So my Sixth Sense would be quite dumb if i didn't get packages but i do and thats why i am writing this:D

    I got my James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide i have just started reading, you guys can expect some nice scanned pictures from it :D Hope no one sues me for that :P Well all pictures on the Wiki is stolen so it doesn't really matter now does it ;)

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  • Calles

    Interesting information

    January 26, 2010 by Calles

    While they may send away all personal from Pandora there is still 7-12 ships (depending on source) that means that there will always be around 3 ships on the way to Pandora and they cant turn back until they reach Pandora.

    Since the ships only have fuel for a one way trip, also the ships need laser propulsion from the planets. This means that there will take something like 5 years before all ships are on their way home.

    Made this image to

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  • Calles

    Avatar poster

    January 24, 2010 by Calles

    I was just at the cinema and took/stole a avatar 27" * 40" big poster. I had to open a glass monter with my multi-tool to get it totally worth it :)

    I am a bit disappointed cause here in Sweden there are enormous

    commercial posters by the buss stops. Like 2 meters high and 1.4 meter wide, bigger then a normal human for you non metric users. All you need to take them out is a multi-tool, it's only two screws. But the avatar posters are already replaced, so thats a bummer for me that i did not think of that sooner.

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