It's been a while since I've been on here and I have to admit that its nice to be back. I have read a couple of sources where the release date for Avatar 2 has been changed to 2016 as opposed to 2014 like it was stated by Jim Cameron himself. The sources I found this on was the James Cameron wikipedia page, the Avatar film page on wikipedia where it was stated by Jon Landau (the producer) that the film was 4 years away and the imdb Avatar 2 page. Does anyone know if this is correct? I would have loved to have graduated Film School in the March of 2014 and have to wait only 9 months for A2's release. I also know that the these sites are often wrong so please tell me that its not true! I mean, what has JC been doing since the first film's december 2009 release? Sleeping under a rock? I mean, it took him 7 years to release a sequel to Terminator. It shouldn't take that long to get the right technology and casting and whatnot. I know that with the untimely deaths of Andrew Wight and Mike deGruy in that helicopter crash in New South Wales, Australia (they were the ones who helped with the 3D techology for the first film) that it may delay things a little and plus the main cast aren't getting any younger. By the time that the second film is out, Sam will be in his 40's and Zoe will be close to it (not that this is a problem). So please post any confirmation to the change of dates here if any information comes to light.

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