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Will the Avengers unseat Avatar?

I know that this isn't related to Avatar at all I just wanted to post this in case some you haven't noticed. I was just on imdB (Internet Movie Database) and Marvel's new film 'The Avengers' has been out just 2 weeks arund the world and it is on its on its way to beating both JC's Avatar and Titanic. For Titanic, it took a year for it to reach 1.7 Billion Dollars while Avatar took just 7 weeks to beat it by $1 Billion. Which raises the question: will it take just 3 weeks for the Avengers to beat two of our favourite films? I think it will. I know that its been 3 years since Avatar's release but I was really hoping that the record would remain Avatar's until the release of Avatar 2 in 2015/16. What do you guys think?

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