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    It appeared that I couldn’t post all this in one comment, so I needed to write this.

    Remember that I still see all of you as a far-friend of mine, despite all our different points of view.

    I see this discussion as an example of life. Through life you will find many things to argue about, most things you won’t even notice. Most people will disagree with you, but when trying long enough, all of us will find a solution to live life in a way everyone is happy. Just never lose hope, and always think good about people. That’s my motto: think positive but critical. Justice will come al last…

    So, here we go again…

    You asked me if I thought that there is something wrong with being a conservative Christian. The answer is: no. And I never said it was. Th…

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    January 28, 2010 by TheSuburbs

    I was wondering, if humans go to Pandora wouldn't they be infected with many, many diseases, viruses and go on? It's impossible to be vaccinated or (become) resistant to all the diseases on Pandora. Not even thinking about the strange micro organisms who inhabit the moon, with unkown and different structure known to us, or comparable to organisms on earth. Maybe someone knows how the RDA solved this problem?

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    Humans vs Na'vi

    January 13, 2010 by TheSuburbs

    Humans will return to Pandora as long as they need Unobtainium. They will have a larger and better army. The Na'vi will be prepared. They will clash once again and one has to win the battle. Who will win the war. Humans or Na'vi? The Na'vi would be using guerilla tactics again. The humans will use deforesting tactics. They also won't leave their base unprotected again just as the first time. That's why the Na'vi conquered the humans. The humans had lost almost all of their army and their base was unprotected. By the way it's far easier to hold a position instead of taking over a position. The humans will use Napalm, AA-fire etc. And the Na'vi will ask alot of clans to join the war. They will outnumber us, but can they also win this war?

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    A few days ago, Swg66 started a blog called what song fits the na'vi? (This Beautiful Republic - Jesus to the world, defenitely in my opinion.) After that, I started wondering what song fits with the humans. I search the internet and finally I found the ultimate song about humans, it just exactly describes who we are (in my opinion).

    Band: Tool

    Song: Right in two

    Album: 10000 Days


    Angels on the sideline,

    Puzzled and amused

    Why did father give these humans free will?

    Now they're all confused

    Don't these talking monkeys know that Eden has enough to go around?

    Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys, where there's one you're bound to divide it

    Right in two

    Angels on the sideline,

    Baffled and confused

    Father blessed them all with reason,

    And this w…

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    I was wondering if any of you can relate yourself to one of the characters of Avatar. Me for example, can totally relate myself to Jakes brother, Tom Sully. Searching for answers. Questioning life, humans etc. Being shot into space not just for the adventure, but to find answers too.

    Just wondering

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